Our Recycling

We are proud that we can say that all paper is 100% recycled by Cross Cut Shredding Ltd. Bags or Boxes are collected from customers and securely transported to our depot. All confidential waste is shredded within 24hrs.

All shredded paper is kept and baled into containers and transported to our local recycling plant. There it is made into larger bales and transported to paper mills to be turned into new paper goods.

Our aim is to be a responsible company and to support the environment. In turn this also supports our customers to make their homes and business more environmentally friendly as well as being a safe was to dispose of confidential waste.

If you would like more information on how we handle your paper waste please contact our team.

Paper for Recycling

Drop off paper for recycling for free:

– Magazines
– Books
– Paper (no confidential waste).

Mondays & Thursdays | 10am – 5pm | Excluding Bank Holidays
Please note – THIS IS NOT SHREDDED – Recycling Only.
For your security our team will not take documents with names and addresses – Please refer to Shredding Price.
Large amount of paper for recycling? Need a collection?
Contact Our Team | [email protected]

Business Responsibilities

Businesses must act responsibly when disposing of waste. There are government guide lines which must be followed. Some of this can be found on the link below:

The headline is to legally and responsibly dispose of waste and to recycle as much as possible.

You must check your waste carrier is registered:

Our registration number: CBDU93711

If you would like any other information on our recycling or how we handle your confidential waste then please contact our team.

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