About Us

In 2016, Cross Cut Shredding established its goal to provide simple, reliable solutions for securely destroying sensitive, confidential information for homes and businesses.

Our primary objective is to reduce the amount of sensitive information that ends up in landfills or falls into the hands of criminals, thereby minimising the risk of identity fraud in the UK.

We have observed that many data destruction companies prioritise formality and complexity over customer experience. As a result, we strive to make our process as straightforward as possible.

Our team, consisting of friendly and security-vetted professionals, serves Dorset, Somerset, and a significant portion of Devon, Wiltshire, Hampshire, South Gloucestershire, and South Wales. We are always available to provide the necessary assistance and confidence to dispose of your confidential waste securely.

  • We are committed to the utmost security of your confidential documents. We use rigorous procedures, including GPS-monitored transport and secure, timely destruction at our facility, to ensure safe handling from collection to disposal.

  • Each of our shred bags, made of durable polypropylene, comes with cable ties and a welcome letter, holding up to 15kg or 40cm of paper. You securely seal them, and upon arrival at our facility, they're shredded within 24 hours, ensuring confidentiality from start to finish.

  • Receive a secure, password-protected Certificate of Destruction via email for proof of shredding within 24 hours of destruction.

  • Our facility has advanced security, including a 24/7 police-monitored alarm system compliant with the rigorous EN50131-1 standard. We're committed to maintaining the highest level of security by regularly reviewing and updating our policies to stay aligned with industry standards, ensuring the safety and compliance of our operations.

  • Every team member at Cross Cut Shredding is thoroughly vetted through security checks and bound by a confidentiality agreement to protect client data. They are required to wear designated uniforms and carry company ID cards for easy identification. We strictly adhere to pre-scheduled appointments, ensuring no surprise visits.

  • Our facility is equipped with full CCTV coverage to ensure the highest level of security during the shredding process. The CCTV system records in high definition 24/7, allowing us to monitor the unloading of vehicles and shredding of bags and boxes at all times.

  • We hold a waste carrier license (CBDU93711) allowing us to transport waste and recycling materials. All paper and cardboard we destroy is recycled 100% through paper mills, and electronic equipment such as hard drives, laptops, and PC towers are disposed of ethically in accordance with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013.

  • Our shredder uses the cross-cut method to shred paper and cardboard into pieces that measure 12mm, in compliance with the EU standard DIN 66399 (P-4) Level 3 for confidentiality. This ensures that all materials are destroyed in a secure and thorough manner.

  • We are fully licensed (CBDU93711) for the legal transport of confidential waste. Our secure fleet features cutting-edge security and GPS tracking, guaranteeing the safe transport of your documents. Collected materials are immediately taken to our facility, avoiding overnight holds. Through stringent protocols and top-tier security, we safeguard your materials from collection to destruction.

  • We also offer a hard drive destruction service which makes hard drives, laptops, and PC towers data unusable, complying with WEEE Regulations 2013, and is available with document shredding or separately. We also destroy small items like CDs, USBs, and bank cards, providing a destruction certificate within 48 hours.

  • Our company is committed to being environmentally responsible through our participation in the Carbon Neutral Britain program. We contribute to this cause by planting 30 trees per month and offsetting 5 tons of carbon emissions per month.